Basmati Rice

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Basmati rice is a type of slender and long-grain rice which is aromatic and grown in the Indian subcontinent. 70% of basmati rice in the world is grown in India and 65% of basmati rice exported  is grown in India. The APEDA agency under Government of India is the nodal agency. The rice variety can be classified as “Basmati” if it satisfies certain conditions. The main condition lies with the precooked milled length of rice at 6.61 mm and an average breadth of 2mm. The term “basmati” has a Sanskrit origin with the term “vas” and “mayup” (changed to Mati) making it vasmati and then renamed as “basmati” which essentially means “fragrance” in Hindi.  Available in 5 kg Bag.

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 Basmati rice is full of aroma and it can be intentionally sought as floral, spicy and nutty. It is characterized by its non sticky nature as a grain eloping which helps the other dishes and sources added to it to blend in well for maximum flavor. The non sticky nature also makes it ideal for tasty delicacies such as biryani, fried rice etc. The basmati rice variant is cloth packaged in order to support and preserve the high quality grain nature. The rice is also idealized as being slightly flat at the end and longer the grain size, it is seen as well aiding for the quality of rice. The basmati rice is believed to be generally white in color and texture but it also has a golden hue color attached to it. The rice is also aged in nature and it adds well to the dryness of the rice variant compared to others. Hence, the dryness helps in making the rice variant non-sticky and fluffy enough to be separated on a pilaf. The 1766 tragic Punjabi romance book “Heer Ranjha” is the earliest recorded work to mention the term and usage of basmati rice. This rice variant is famous for it’s fragrant.