Banshkathi Rice

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Banshkathi is a non basmati rice which is used for daily consumption in and around West Bengal and sold as a premium quality type. In addition to daily use this rice variant is also used to prepare various rice based dishes such as Bengali cuisine based Biryani and Pulao. The rice is non sticky in nature and wildly available in many houses, restaurants and hotels etc. Banshkathi rice is known for its high nutritional content acting as a boost to immunity and helping to maintain and regulate the digestive system of the consumer. The rice is also characterized by its rich aroma, taste and long grain size. The length of the grain ranges from 7.30 to 8.1 millimeter It is a traditionally grown rice and classified as a parboiled type. Available in 5kg packet.

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Banshkathi rice is hygienically processed with all safety requirements and it is purely vegetarian in nature. It is FSSAI certified premium and rated as one of the Bengali staple rice variants used in everyday meals. This rice is packed in the  food graded bags to retain the required edible quality and the rice is grown in an organic environment with least or no preference to pesticides. The quality of rice is known by its hygienic processing with proper care and is certified to be free from all forms of stones and dust. This rice is cultivated, grown and processed in compliance with international standards and some of the considerations are attested by factors such as high quality, nutritive value and multiple health benefits. At the same time, the rice is naturally grown with freshness and has a very renowned shelf life. It possesses high fiber which aids in digestion and helps to boost energy. It has a low glycemic index which correlates with blood sugar levels and also helps to lower cholesterol. The rice is cooked using double quantity of water and once cooked it should be left to stand uncovered before draining. It is one of the favorite choices of rice to be served with curry or dal