Arhar Daal (1 kg)

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Nutritious and important source of proteins and amino acids, used in vegetarian recipes
like dal, sambhar and Khichdi. The most widely consumed pulse and mainstay of the food of most of the
Indian people. The deshi variety from the regions famous for its cultivation

Bengali Arhar Dal (1 kg Packet)

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Arhar dal also known as Pigeon pea or Toor dal or Red gram is used to prepare recipes
like sambhar and kootu varieties. Organic Arhar Dal is consumed across the country by almost all the
communities and in all the households as a major source of protein in every day diet. It is also an important
ingredient in many food delicacies cooked at home. Arhar dal is very nutritious and so after cooking without
spices, the water present above the dal can be filtered and given to infants above 8 months.
The present day Agriculture Produce is full of Chemicals & Pesticides, adversely affecting the health of the
consumers. Morarka Organic has introduced 100% CERTIFIED Organic Arhar Dal cultivated in traditional
Arhar growing areas of Maharashtra. The production is progressively increasing every year with about 300
MT at present. These beans which converted into dal after de-shelling are not only free from chemicals and
pesticides, but are also very tasty and good for health. Our organic Arhar dal is of excellent quality which
undergoes pulse processing involving machine cleaning, color sorting and also hand cleaning before packing.
No words to describe the down to earth flavor of the dal.
It cooks quickly without any hassles. It can cure cough, poisoning effect, gas troubles, acidity, stomach pain
and piles. It makes a balanced human food, quells swelling of internal organs and with water it cures
intoxicating effects.