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Alphonso mango is a variant of mango that is currently cultivated in India. It was first planted and harvested in the Indian state of Goa by Alphonso de Albuquerque, who was a Portuguese colonial military general when he initiated the concept of mango grafting in India. Alphonso mango belongs to the family  known as “Magnifier Indica”. This species of mango is grown widely in western region of India. It is considered to be one of the costliest mangoes available in the domestic market. Alphonso mango is  internationally known for its bright yellow color, taste and fragrance. This variant of mango  commonly exported to parts of Asia namely-Korea, Japan and also European countries.

Comes in a box with 12 mangoes each approx. 180 gm to 200 gm

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Alphonso mango is seasonal by nature and is available during the month of summer only, from the middle of April to final days of June. A single fruit weighs up to 300 grams with a minimum weight of 150 grams and it is characterized by its tender, creamy, rich and delicate type of non fibrous juicy pulp. A premium quality of Alphonso mango carries a saffron color texture and the skin has becomes bright golden yellow in color . In culinary arts, the mangoes are used for making soufflés, mousse, sorbet, lassi, puree and ice cream. There are four types of Alphonso mango grown in western parts of India such as Devgad, Ratnagiri, Hapus and Kesar. Devgad has a sweet, fascinating, yellow color with a gradient of saffron grown in Devgad region. Ratnagiri mango has a non fibrous juicy pulp with a red tinge and golden yellow tint grown in the coastal town of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. The Alphonso Hapus Mango is  pulpy and juicy yellow tinge grown in the Konkan coastal area. The Kesar Mango  has a firm and saffron colored type pulp with a distinct aroma and taste and specially grown in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Indian cuisine stands incomplete without  the addition of mango and Alphonso mango has its own set of admires.