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Aam Sotto or Aam Papad is a bar shaped delicacy which is prepared during the surplus mango summer season. It is a mouth watering flavored dessert which is made from mango pulp, sugar and a pinch of salt with the mango pulp acting as the main ingredient, contributing to around 75% of the content. It is also one of the main exported commodities from India and is known by several names all over the country. It is also known as aamba sadhaa in Odisha, Aamta in Assam, Amawat in Hindi heartland, Maanga Thera in Kerala, mamidi tandra in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, aamsotto in West Bengal and amba vadi in Maharashtra.

Available in 250 gm Packet. 

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Aam Sotto is a well savored delicacy among the children and youngsters in India and has a perfect mélange of savory as well as sweet with a lip smacking tasty effect. The main mango ingredient decides the taste and quality of the papad and it is well chosen or handpicked from sunkissed orchards. And it is naturally produced with no traces of any preservatives or added colors to maintain the authentic taste and quality. The papad resembles a leather shaped pattern and acts as an any time snack all throughout the year. The papad can be stored in well spaced, dry, cool and hygienic conditions away from exposure to sunlight which can help with a longer storage and shelf life. The mango pulp ingredient is well sun dried for longer duration to form layers with a desired amount of thickness. Once the thickness is achieved, it is again dried in the sun for extra duration to avoid any moisture built up. Then, they are easily cut or shaped into many pieces and wrapped through various packaging methods or oiled paper. For more spicy or salty flavored papads, they are glazed with spices and rock salt during the preparatory phase.